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Chemraz® 505

Chemraz® 505

Product description

Chemraz® 505 gaskets are made of perfluoro elastomeric material and guarantee a wide range of chemical resistance. They can be manufactured as O-rings, splices or to customer design. Due to its versatility, Chemraz® 505 is often used for a wide variety of applications in contact with acids, caustics, aldehydes, esters, ethers, aromatics, hot water, steam, methanol, ketones, TBA and MTBE. Performance is guaranteed over a temperature range of -30°C to 230°C. Chemraz® 505 seals are ideal for application in process industries at temperatures below 0°C, or for industries where many different substances are used due to the wide range of chemical resistance.

T Min°C
T Max°C


This compound is mainly used for valves, mechanical clamps, pumps, reactors, compressors, agitators, controls, dispensers, couplings.

Notice: The operating temperature and pressure limits do not apply simultaneously, they depend on various factors and can only be indicated for guidance purposes



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