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The company Cristiani Bisconti was founded in 1935 by its founder Enzo Bisconti.

These first years, which represent the dawn of the sector and in particular of the intensive use of gaskets and O-Rings, are important years of growth for the company due also to the exponential growth of the Italian industry.

The 70s represent the period of maximum expansion and economic prosperity for the Cristiani Bisconti company. The society has a workforce of around 150 employees.

Thanks to the development of partnerships with numerous international companies the relationships with suppliers and customers becomes increasingly solid.

2018 represents a new beginning for the company. A change in management brings new ideas, rejuvenation and greater efficiency.

In the same year the technological partnership began with one of the leading companies in the gasket sector: Greene Tweed™.

After 86 years, in 2021, the company changes its logo, modernizing it and its location, moving from Cologno Monzese to Villasanta in the building in the background, to start a new cycle of growth and investments.

Cristiani Bisconti stamp



Cristiani Bisconti factory 1974



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