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Imperia Alichem

Imperia Alichem

Product description

The temperatures of use vary from -30°C to 85°C/130°C (EPDM version). It is available in the sizes 25x37 - 32x45* - 38x54 - 50x70 - 60x80 - 70x95 - 100x125 (*available on request). The internal structure is made of NBR or EPDM, the intermediate layer can be cloth or steel spiral (suction) and the blue cover is made of cloth impression resistant to abrasion and atmospheric agents.

T Min°C
T Max°C


Suitable for delivery of food products (milk - fats - oils - drinking water).

Notice: The operating temperature and pressure limits do not apply simultaneously, they depend on various factors and can only be indicated for guidance purposes



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