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Compression Fittings

Compression Fittings

Product description

Double Ring Fittings are precision fittings consisting of four parts designed to make tight connections even under high pressure, vacuum and vibration. The fittings are supplied complete and ready for use. The front ring, sliding along the cone of the fitting, compresses the pipe, creating a perfect seal on both the pipe and the fitting thanks to the interference generated between the three components in contact and the perfect finish of the same. The back ring guided by the cone of the front ring engraves the pipe, creating a strong mechanical grip. The internal diameter of the body and the nut are carefully controlled to guide the tube and ensure its perfect alignment to the axis. Fittings are available in, AISI 316L. Brass, 6Mo, Monel, Hastelloy C, Incoloy 825, Inconel 600, Super Douplex. Straight fittings are made from cold-drawn bar stock, while elbow and 'T' fittings are made from uniformly grained stampings. The raw materials used are fully compliant with one or more international standards.

T Min°C
T Max°C


They are mainly used in the chemical, petrochemical, off-shore and energy sectors, in particular for instrumentation, control and process systems and in analytical equipment used in the chemical and petrochemical industry.

Notice: The operating temperature and pressure limits do not apply simultaneously, they depend on various factors and can only be indicated for guidance purposes



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