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PTFE Tapes

PTFE Tapes

Product description

Tapes made of 100% pure, non-sintered PTFE ensure a perfect, long-lasting seal on any diameter and type of thread. The tape does not harden and prevents seizing of fittings and bolts. Professional rolls, gas use and highdensity PTFE rolls are also available. When used in gas distribution circuits, on gas appliances and their auxiliary equipment, these must not have a maximum pressure of more than 20 bar. Compliant with TÜV DIN EN 1797-1. Compliant with FDA and WRC regulations.

T Min°C
T Max°C


Sealing on fittings, threaded elements, valves.

Notice: The operating temperature and pressure limits do not apply simultaneously, they depend on various factors and can only be indicated for guidance purposes



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