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Graphite 95/RG

Graphite 95/RG

Product description

98% pure graphite joint, flexible, expanded and reinforced with a grating-perforated AISI 316 inner sheet for better graphite anchorage and to prevent overflow of the sealing material. Performance is guaranteed up to a maximum temperature of 550°C and a maximum pressure of 100 bar. The gasket is grey in color and can be manufactured in two variants of Graphite 95/RG with slightly different characteristics depending on requirements, which can be made to drawing or available in standard sizes: Graphite 95/R: simple to cut by hand, it guarantees excellent performance in contact with steam and aggressive agents, and Graphite 95/2RG suitable for solutions with high temperatures and pressures due to its multiple metal inserts, the latter also offering high chemical resistance. The seals can be further reinforced on the inner diameter with an AISI 316 beading to increase the seal's resistance to the abrasive action of the fluid, to increase pressure resistance and to avoid fluid contact with the sealing material.

T Min°C
T Max°C


Sealing in contact with non-oxidizers fluids at very high temperatures and pressures.

Notice: The operating temperature and pressure limits do not apply simultaneously, they depend on various factors and can only be indicated for guidance purposes



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